NAPA Collection - Kulviski - Wine Barrel Nightstand

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The "Kulviski" nightstand  is carefully handcrafted from retired wine barrels and wine stained oak planks. After years of producing quality wines each barrel is dried, carefully deconstructed, and fashioned into a fully functional table.  Completely 100% recycled and salvaged materials..

The shelves are constructed using recycled wine stained oak planks, which are a byproduct of the wine industry. These beautiful oak planks were originally used to flavor giant tanks of wine (think 270,000 gallons!) as well as regular barrels that have lost their flavor. During wine production, the oak planks soak in the wine for a year or more.  The type of wine determines the resulting color. 

DIMENSIONS: approx 28"T x 16"W x 12"D

INCLUDES: One wine barrel side table.

MATERIALS: Retired Napa wine barrels and rings.






All our products are carefully handmade using 100% recycled materials. They are individually handcrafted, one of a kind creations, and not factory manufactured. It is therefore quite difficult to make identical items. Our attentive artisans make every effort to create only the best from materials with natural variations that should not be misconstrued as flaws. These make each piece of a handmade product charming and unique. The pictures may not be identical to the product you receive. It's probably even more awesome!

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