Meet Us!

Welcome To Our Shop!

We’re so happy that you chose to shop with Wine Country Craftsman to purchase your fine art, your next wine cellar, or your new custom-made piece of home décor. At WCC, each and every last designer, artist, and fabricator on our team work to ensure that our products are always of the highest quality, both physically and aesthetically. We understand just how much our products mean to our customers, and we always do everything we can to inject some peace, love, and happiness into every piece that we hand craft.

At Wine Country Craftsman, we’re a team full of energetic, exciting, and enthusiastic professionals with a wide range of backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and experience. And guess what? Our dogs work with us too! Being a family is all about inviting others in – and for that very reason, we’d like to take a moment to invite you into the Wine Country Craftsman family, so that you can get to know every last person who helped to craft your new piece.

Take a look below, hear from our team members, get to know us, and say hello when you see us at the shop! We’d be glad to see you.

 Michael Weiss - Owner / Designer / Artist / Creative Madman

I love nothing more than designing and building works of art. In fact, as a full time artist, I am living my dream these days, and nothing pleases me more than living fully, utterly, and completely in the moment.

 Bekki - Shop Director / Artist

Bekki is our fine detail artist extraordinaire! Each and every day, Bekki does all of our painting and custom art requests, as well as building all of our custom shipping crates. A meticulous worker, Bekki is the foundation of WCC.

  Matt - Customer Service, Office Ninja, All Around Office Badass

Matt was born at a young age; due to an unfortunate lack of radiation exposure or chemical spills he has yet to develop superpowers. But more seriously, Matt is super talented and I can’t run my office without him! His dry sense of humor is awesome and is just what the doctor ordered on a rainy day.


 Greg - Master Craftsman

Greg is a huge Red Sox fan! He enjoys building rapport with clients and co-worker, mostly through shooting the breeze about last night’s game. In fact, Greg has even played and coached lots of sports. His favorite movie is "Airplane," and he has two boys - 22 and 18.

 Lance - Woodworker, Laser Engraver, All Around Badass

Lance is a funny guy – always has been and he always will be. He’s one of our skilled woodworkers and he’s also pretty handy with a laser – go figure! His hobbies include illustration, photography, astronomy, cooking, reading, motorcycles, more reading, questionable internet searches, deleting browser history, and occasional delusions of grandeur. Mountains always trump the beach for Lance, and books always stand tall over movies.

 Misha - Shipping / Customer Service / Office Ninja

Misha is super talented and smart. Loves to learn new things and jumps into any project that needs help. Loves to read, study, and run D&D games.


 Eli - Master Welder / Artist

Eli thinks of metal as fluid and is insanely talented. His attention to detail is staggering and loves tinkering on stuff, fishing, and going out 4-wheeling.

 Evan - Master Woodworker

Evan came to us after designing and building for the San Diego Museum of Art. Yup, she’s that good! As one of our most creative minds, she has an expert eye for detail and helps to make our products shine bright. She and her happy-go-lucky dog, Archer, fit into our shop perfectly!


 Britt - Master Welder

Ever since her dad introduced her to welding, that’s all she has ever truly wanted to do… that, and anything that deals with sharks! Britt is constantly talking about how thankful she is to finally be welding in a shop full of laughter. And as Mom to Mako, the dog, she fits in just perfectly.

 Charles - Maker

Charles works full time and goes to school part time. There are malicious rumors that insinuate that he often sighs and can be seen leaning on various things in the shop. These are lies! Charles works harder than anyone we know, especially on our products. Maybe that’s why he’s so tired all the time?

 Jess - Maker

Jess is one of our youngest and also one of our most experienced. She kicks ass at everything and is a sponge for knowledge. An avid animal rescuer, she has more than 100 animals at home including horses, cats, dogs, sheep, chickens, and more.

 Brandon - Welder

Brandon came to us originally to help clean the shop, but his thirst for knowledge and incredible work ethic made him into one of our best welders. He is a truly talented individual and we don’t know what we’d do without him.

 The Captain - Shop Cat / Resident Mouser

The Captain was abandoned near our shop and we took him in, fixed him up, and now, he's the chief cat at the shop. He’s super friendly, never gets enough attention, and is especially good at deleting emails. Check him out on our Instagram!

 Mako - Brit's dog

Mako is a big goofball! She loves to play, she’s a master at finding treats, and she’s especially good at lying at your feet when you don’t see her and trip over her.

 Archer - Evan's dog

Another rescue from the shelter, our 1-year-old Archer is Evan’s puppy who has way too much energy! She loves playing with the other dogs, catching frisbees, tugging on rope toys, and her favorite, chewing on dropped wood on the shop floor!


 Francis - Greg's Dog

One of Greg's dogs, he is our oldest at 13, and still spunky! He has a bed in the office under my desk, and another one in the wood room and in the yard. Not pampered at all, but he just hops like a bunny for treats!


 Max - Greg's Dog

Another one of Greg's dogs, he literally found him on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere. Simply a love puppy and very grateful to be rescued, he is known for his tongue sticking out all day and his direct and unwavering attention if anyone even steps foot into the kitchen!


 Agnes - Michael's Dog

Our most recent rescue, she is the Princess of the shop. Her cuteness notwithstanding, she is an expert level fly killer.


 Kiwi and Willie - Bekki's Dogs

Willie and Kiwi are inseparable and both love to sit at your feet and follow you all over the shop. 

 Mimi - Greg's Dog

Mimi is actually in charge of all the dogs and bosses even the largest dogs bow to her. When she sleeps, her snores can be heard across the entire shop.


 Val - Lance's Dog

Super sweet Val is a one man dog and is never more than a foot away from Lance.

 Dio - Jess's Dog

Another one of our rescue dogs, Dio is Jess's and he is just a serious love bug! Start petting him and he instantly drops and presents his little belly to rub. Gets along with everyone and our resident cat the Captain!

 Jess's Dog

 Belle - Greg's Dog