CRAFTSMAN Collection - Taviri - Wine Barrel Chandelier

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The CRAFTSMAN "Taviri", at it's core, it's a sturdy, rugged, and masculine piece. Constructed with thick stave ends, and made to look like it's holding itself together; it doesn't need help from anybody! But then you see, that when you put some light in it, and add some complementary and contrasting pieces, it will wiggle itself into your home, and into your heart.




INCLUDES: fixture,  black chain, ceiling canopy



Light Body: approx. 54" long x 10" tall x 12" wide

Hanging height: 60" overall. (Height can be adjusted)

SOCKET: (4) standard E26 sockets

Wattage: 60w max each

 MATERIAL: Retired wine barrel staves, barrel rings.






All our products are exquisitely handcrafted, using 100% recycled materials. They are singular creations that are not factory-made or mass produced. Our highly skilled artisans do their best to ensure that each item resembles the photos as closely as possible, however there may be very slight variations or natural imperfections in the materials which is what make each piece of a handmade product charming and unique. You may not receive the one pictured. It's probably even more awesome!

*All lighting products made by Wine Country Craftsman are of the highest quality and made with UL Listed parts from licensed electrical suppliers, however the light fixtures themselves are not UL Approved.*

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