Halloween Decor - Cemetery Arch - made from Retired CA wine barrel rings steel

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This stunning Cemetery Arch is a curiosity for the serious collector! Made from retired wine barrel rings and recycled steel, its rugged elegance will add the perfect touch to your eclectic garden.

We wanted to do something super awesome for Halloween this year, so what you're seeing here is MINE we TELL YOU ALL MINE! But we can make one mostly just like it for YOU, or with requested variations (within reason).

Once you've got it, this amazing piece is completely portable by standard pickup truck, disassembling easily into eight easy pieces: the title arch, its two narrow hinged support panels that fold flat open or stand at 90º for support, two front panels, two passage archway support panels, and the passage archway itself (or as we like to call it, The Tunnel To The Beyond).

This is going to make an incredible arbor when we let our garden get at it. What do you think, climbing black roses? Jasmine? Hops? Poison oak? We'll let the nightshade, wormwood and wolfsbane fill in around the base ... oh, the possibilities! It's going to be beautiful, no matter what, and the more we let it rust, the better it will look.

What will you do with yours? Throw theme parties all year round? Rent it out for events? Replace your front gate and scare your neighbors? Open that boutique cemetery you've always dreamed of? Send us photos - we'd love to see and share!

Okay, this thing is BIG. Look at the photos again real quick (you know you want to!) -- that whole shebang is approximately 14' across. The inside of that archway is about 8' high, and it's just a little over 10' to the top of the cross. The Tunnel To The Beyond (muah ha hahhh) is about 4' deep … or is deep the wrong word when you're talking cemeteries?

Want one in time for Halloween, Samhain, Día de los Muertos? Your October birthday? Order by October 7 to be sure we can deliver in time. Or order early for Valentine's Day; we don't judge!

This item will ship via freight with lots of goodies - you get all eight parts, assembly hardware, instructions, a handful of skulls, ravens, crows, candles, and other treats, and the satisfaction of knowing you finally did Halloween right. Now, this sucker is HEAVY however your new arch will transport you to eternal bliss.

We're going to add gates to ours for next year--want 'em on yours? Give us an extra couple of days to design them. Want something smaller? something even more grand? You name it -- we'll design it! Again, fresh design will take a little more time, so ask right away.

And we always throw extra goodies from our shop in the box!

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 14' Wide x 8' Tall x 4' Deep 

SHIPPINGSend us a message with your address and we would be happy to get you an estimate. We can also combine multiple purchases for a discount

CUSTOM DESIGN: We can adapt our designs or create new custom work based on your ideas. Want it laser engraved with logo, name, date, initials, favorite dirty limerick, heck anything! We love a fun project! Just let us know (any custom changes may add a bit of a delay and an extra couple dollars based on size and complexity).

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