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I have a bunch of these beautiful retired grapevines that all need new homes. Each one is a unique one of a kind and the pictures dont do them justice!

Our old vine art collection showcases California’s majestic wine country. After producing great wines for decades, we collect the retired grapevines to preserve their legacy. Celebrate your love of wine culture by displaying one of our vine art pieces in your home or business.

Each grapevine is dried for 1 1/2 - 2 years then run through my special kiln to eliminate any living thing before being sanded and sealed with 3 coats of a clear UV sealer to protect it for a lifetime of enjoyment.

STORY: I dug this vine up in Napa from one of the growers to Opus 1. This field got infected with disease and the had to tear out the vines right when they were at their peak of producing some of their killer wines. Ugh! I was lucky to get a couple dozen in different shapes (I like the unusual ones) and retired them back to my shop to take on new life as art for generations to come even if they could not make wine.

The pictures really dont do them any justice. This is perfect for over a mantle or just by itself as wall art.

Available as a wall art or stand alone (stand a couple bucks extra).

PRUNING: All vines can be pruned down in size to fit your space, no extra charge.

PROVENANCE: Napa - Cabernet - Opus 1

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 36" wide x 50" tall x 15" deep.

INCLUDES: Grapevine art.

MATERIALS: Retired California grapevine.

Please send pictures when she is up as I LOVE to see my beautiful art in its permanent home.

Thanks for visiting!



The vine pictured above is the one you will receive, Its freaking awesome!

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