Wine Barrel Barbecue Staves - Smoky Staves - 100% Retired Opus 1, Rutherford & Stags Leap Cabernet Barrels

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These wine-soaked oak strips are carefully cut from retired Opus 1, Rutherford & Stags Leap Cabernet Napa valley wine barrels. After years of soaking up all the wine and infusing their delicate oak flavor, they are retired to y shop, carefully cut into strips, dried and packaged for BBQ and grilling.

PRICE INCLUDES 3 FULL BUNDLES (9 per bundle) and we will add a wonderful gift from the shop, my treat!

These are completely packaged as gifts, no extra needed. Box within a box and I can add a gift note from you no worries.

The flavor is unbelievable. During cooking, they really do infuse wine and oak flavor into your food. A great gift for all your summer grilling friends! We bribe our neighbor constantly because he does the best tri-tip in the county with our wood. We bring the wine and wine barrel staves and he does the rest.

DIRECTIONS: You can use these as your only coals by lighting them like a normal fire. If adding them to another fire, soak the staves for around 15 minutes to an hour or so before you need them. We keep a bucket by the BBQ so when we start the fire, we throw these in the can with a little water to soak while the fire gets going.

For charcoal or wood BBQ's, just throw them directly on the fire as you start cooking.

Enjoy and please send us your pictures or great recipes to try. We'd love to hear what goodies you're cooking up and share them on our Facebook page!

INCLUDES: 1 x Gift Wrapped BBQ box plus extra goodies from the shop, my treat!

MATERIAL: Salvaged California wine barrels.

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